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Hey, there.

My name is Nicole Colosimo

I am an educator with over 26 years of experience. I left the public school system and founded Learning Pearls to finally work with children one-on-one and concentrate on HOW they learn best.  

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About my services

What to expect from Learning NeuroGrowth Success Coaching with Nicole

West Des Moines, Iowa

Virtual Coaching

Preschool-6th Grade

My individualized programs are built around the
4 Learning Pearls Signature Program Pillars:
  1. Discovering Social Emotional Awareness

  2. Empowering Life Skills

  3. Implementing Trauma-Informed Practices

  4. Fostering Lifelong Learning.

A little more about me.

As a Wholistic NeuroGrowth Learning Success Coach, I prioritize establishing a connection with the your child as the initial step. This connection, which may take time to develop, is crucial for making the your child feel heard, seen, respected, and valued. Following this, establishing a connection with you as their parent becomes essential, as you too need to feel understood and appreciated. For struggling students, this rapport is often the missing link, making it the most critical step.

Transformation begins once trust is established and the your child commits to exerting their best effort. Consistency in sessions, work, and dedication plays a key role in this process.

Under my guidance, children experience compassion and empathy in their learning journey, gaining insights into past obstacles to their success. They discover the joy of learning, uncover personal strategies that enhance their educational experience, comprehend the impact of mindset on learning, and realize that belief and positive thinking can lead to remarkable achievements.

Expected outcomes of working with me include a calmer, more articulate child who can express their challenges and feelings confidently, demonstrating newfound confidence in their learning abilities. Children become enthusiastic about acquiring new knowledge, adept at expressing emotions, resolving problems, thinking critically, and showing compassion and empathy, ultimately becoming happier individuals.

Dedicated to addressing the challenges within the education system, I work tirelessly to identify and fill the gaps in resources and funding, and aim to provide comprehensive support for both teachers and students by observing the evolving needs of today's students.

I strive to bring the education system up to speed, ensuring it meets the current demands. I've noticed an increase in students who are unprepared for school, facing academic challenges, mental frustration, emotional exhaustion, and stress.

I'm particularly focused on supporting children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), those experiencing trauma, and those on the autism spectrum. With a growing number of children being homeschooled due to these unmet needs, I advocate for better-equipped schools and seeks to provide families with the support they desperately need.

My mission is to help and support students, ensuring they receive a quality education tailored to their diverse needs.


Iowa State University  |  Ames, IA 

Bachelor of Science in Growth and Development of Children

Growth & Development of Children is a degree that studies the child from birth through early adolescence in the areas of academic, mental, emotional and social development.

Drake University  |  Des Moines, IA

Master’s Degree Programs in Administration, Physiology, & Education

Various Master's classes completed on the philosophy of early childhood education.

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