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Learning Success Coach

Does your child struggle in school and you feel like you have tried everything?

This is where we can help!

  • Specialization in Early Childhood Education Support

  • Academic Gaps (PreK -6th)

  • ADHD Support

  • Social-Emotional Support

  • Support with Focus or Organization

  • Trauma Support

  • Autism Support

  • Kindergarten Readiness

  • Executive Function Skills Support

Let me uncover the pearls that will help your child learn!

My Approach

I use the science-backed Meta-Learning DeStress Method™ to help students work at their optimal level by reducing their fear and their negative thought patterns.

Wholistic Method

This method helps students to remain in a flow state to improve focus and increase working memory space.

Increased Capacity

Harmony in the brain permits greater access to mental and emotional resources which enable students to teach themselves new information and skills.

Scientifically Proven

Research shows that this method forms symmetrical brain wave patterns in both hemispheres.

Lifelong Tools

These resources are the foundations of critical thinking and problem solving, and essential to the development of independent, lifelong learners.


Hear from some of the parents who's kids I've helped develop into lifelong learners.

“My children both had Nicole for pre-kindergarten when she worked as a full-time teacher. My children are two very different learners, yet both had great success when Nicole was in charge of their learning. She is innovative in her approach and tuned into students as individual learners, trying different techniques to ensure each student's success. Nicole goes the extra mile with each of her students and keeps an open line of communication with parents, informing them of both the successes and the struggles that a child is having in the classroom, as a means to allow the parents to reinforce strategies at home with their student.”

Katie Prey-Schoolen, Parent

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